I felt extremely supported from the first session and was able to explore how I was feeling in a safe environment. It was much better than my expectations .At times it felt like someone had thrown me a lifeline and I could see a way out of what had felt like a hopeless situation. I began to feel in control of my life again. Janet

I do not think I would of survived without the consistent support I received during the very dark early months. The whole experience from start to finish has enlightened me and made me stronger and able to say no. The safe haven and the structure of the sessions helped me to feel secure. I had someone who cared what happened to me. Sue

I want to say thank you for all your support. Jane’s insight into the way childhood experiences can influence adult life and the way she helped me reflect on this was of great benefit to me .I feel that working with you has made a huge difference in my life and that this is due to your skills and commitment. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone looking for a counsellor. Felicity

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