I felt extremely supported from the first session and was able to explore how I was feeling in a safe environment. It was much better than my expectations .At times it felt like someone had thrown me a lifeline and I could see a way out of what had felt like a hopeless situation. I began to feel in control of my life again. Janet

I want to say thank you for all your support. Jane’s insight into the way childhood experiences can influence adult life and the way she helped me reflect on this was of great benefit to me .I feel that working with you has made a huge difference in my life and that this is due to your skills and commitment. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone looking for a counsellor. Felicity

I do not think I would of survived without the consistent support I received during the very dark early months. The whole experience from start to finish has enlightened me and made me stronger and able to say no. The safe haven and the structure of the sessions helped me to feel secure. I had someone who cared what happened to me. Sue

Individual counselling

People come to counselling for many different reasons.

  • You may be feeling anxious and stressed
  • You may have intrusive negative thoughts and feel unable to control them
  • You have lost a loved one and are struggling to move on
  • You may feel your life is not contented and there is a loss of direction
  • You may be dealing with a traumatic event

Individual counselling may help you to make sense of what is happening and develop a more satisfying way of living.

What is couples therapy?

As a couples counsellor I will teach you how to communicate better and hear each others point of view without becoming defensive or critical. In a close relationship it can be more difficult to see your own part in the problem. I will encourage you to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Being part of a couple can mean many different things to different people. The experience can be stimulating, complex, joyful and challenging. At times you may become frustrated and feel stuck, feel in conflict with your partner, experience difficulties communicating, and struggle to hold onto your sense of self.

We all have a need to feel connected to others, as well as a need for solitude and seperateness. In a relationship, it is not always easy to keep the balance between our own needs, the needs of our partner, and the needs of the relationship. Couples bring their own individual experiences from the past into their current relationship. Personal history and personality affects how we think, feel and behave in relation to others. Couples therapy is for anyone, regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation.
Why you might come for couples therapy.

  • Communication between you may be difficult.
  • You may feel unloved.
  • There may be trust issues.
  • Financial difficulties are resulting in arguements.
  • There are differences in parenting styles.
  • You are experiencing sexual difficulties.
  • You feel your partner does not understand you

Business Booster

Are you a self-employed counsellor, psychotherapist or complementary practitioner?
Being self-employed can present many challenges, I certainly felt this when I decided to work as an independent self-employed counsellor 18 months ago. In my previous posts I had been used to the systems already being in place: there was a finance department, marketing, office, secretarial support and a human resources unit. I am now responsible for all of these! I have developed new skills which help me to deliver an effective service to my clients.

Whilst developing my private practice I have found that there is far more involved than just the counselling skills taught on training courses. In September 2003 I delivered the first “How to get more clients” workshop to a group of counsellors wanting to build up their private practice. Following the success of the workshop, I was asked to provide a one to one coaching service.

For many self-employed therapists the business element and the actual service offered, whether it is counselling or massage, can seem at odds with one another. I believe that the success of your service is underpinned by effective business management. Good organisational skills will not only benefit your business but all areas of your practice. Presenting and marketing your business professionally will most certainly lead to an increase in customers.

Give your business a boost!

In this business workshop, first run in September 2003, I present my ideas and encourage participants to develop their own. I include tips and information on advertising, marketing, networking and support, and administrative systems and procedures.

Since qualifying as a counsellor in 1995 I have worked for Social Services, within a Further Education College and most recently in private practice. Within about one year of working solely as a self-employed counsellor I have built up a full caseload of around 20 clients. This experience has highlighted the importance of the business side of working in private practice.

Employee Assistance Provision

Are you a manager who has concerns about one of your staff? Are you looking for help and unsure what to do next? Are you an employee and feel stressed and unable to cope?

I work with a range of businesses, organisations and employees offering individual and group support .Work place stress and personal issues can have a marked affect on staff motivation, concentration and productivity. Many organisations and businesses are undergoing change and upheaval which can disturb the usual balance.

I work with high street banks, civil servants, police officers, retail sector, charities, council staff and many other sectors.

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